Green Coffee Extract – Weight Loss, Better Metabolism and More Energy

Many people drink coffee, and it’s a great addition to your daily routine if you want to remain healthy and keep your body healthy.  Coffee contains caffeine, and there has been many studies which show that brewed coffee helps a plethora of diseases in regular drinkers.  Several recent studies took a look at three to four cup per day coffee drinkers, and found they had a much lower rick of type II diabetes, metabolic syndromes and insulin resistance in their body.  They also showed significantly better BMI (weight control) than their non-coffee peers.  Clearly something is going on there that’s worthy of a closer look.

These great outcomes for coffee drinkers have led a lot of researchers to investigate exactly how this sort of thing is achieved in users.  They have found that a particular compound, known as chlorogenic acid, is responsible for much of these benefits.  This is found in green coffee in really high qualities, though the roasting process does remove some of it from the coffee people regularly drink.  The longer and hotter it’s roasted, the less of this compound remains in the beans.  As a result, studies have centered around taking green coffee extracts to receive the most benefits possible from this unique enzyme.

There’s been efforts in recent years to catalog and understand the impact of green coffee on our bodies.  A new in vitro study found that chlorogenic acid actually helps inhibit the absorption of glucose (sugars) in our bodies.  This helps avoid “sugar rushes” and insulin crashes in those that regularly take green coffee extracts.  This also has been shown to help burn stored fats to supplement energy that is not consumed and burnt through this process.  Scientists believe this is at least largely responsible for the weight loss effects of taking green coffee daily.

Supplementation of Green Coffee Instead of Roasted

Green Coffee ExtractGreen coffee now comes in supplement form, that makes it at lost easier to take each day.  This chlorogenic acid is preserved and high quantities of green coffee extract is delivered to users.  This raw green coffee would be far too bitter to eat directly, but in this way it preserves the good parts of the green coffee and makes it easier to take each day.  If you roast coffee up to 70% of the acids above are actually lost.  Typical dosages of green coffee as recommended by doctors to patients now are along the lines of 1000mg per day.  This works out to around 500mg twice per day which is fairly typical.  Green coffee does not have high concentrations of caffeine that are created through the roasting process as well, which cuts down on feeling “buzzed” while on this supplement.

Green coffee has powerful antioxidant properties as well as recent studies have clearly shown.  Antioxidants typically cut your risk of cancer development later in life by the reduction of free radicals in your body.  Raw green coffee has around two times the antioxidants of chocolate, which is well known to help prevent cancer in patients.  The Oxygen Absorbance capacity of green coffee is over 9000 per gram (which is huge).

A recent clinical trial examined the weight loss impact of taking green coffee regularly after this new research was released showing its benefits in general.  Those that were on a placebo did not lose much weight at all, while those that took green coffee supplements each day lost on average 5.7% of their total body weight over 60 days.  This did not require any change to their diet or increased exercise.  Researchers attributed this change in intestinal absorption of calories that are blocked in part by cholorgenic acid.  There was also pronounced increases in energy in the group that received green coffee daily.  It’s no surprise given this result that this method is one of the most popular and successful treatments for weight control and health improvement today.