Recent research has committed a great deal of effort to the goal of providing a natural and effective weight loss solution, that can actually work and result in rapid weight loss among users.  However, only in a handful of instances have they found anything that truly offered progress.  A recent study examining one of the more popular methods, green tea, actually showed that the making of an extract from this resulted in significant weight loss, even without exercise, among mice.  According to Penn State researchers, sharp reductions in body fat as well as overall improvements of health were seen in mice, which they forsee as likely in human patients as well.

After 16 weeks of regular administration of green tea extracts to mice, a high-fat group which exercised regularly showed a huge body mass reduction, around 27 %, with abdominal fat reduced by 37 %.  This is a tremendous result, and has never been seen in any other lab trials, except for the HCG diet.  Without the exercise regimen, mice lost on average 17 % of their abdominal fat, with a high fat diet.  Clearly something is going on with green tea extract that researchers did not initially expect to occur.

What was the most significant in this study is that if a person wishes to lose weight, a conjunction therapy of green tea extracts along with moderate exercise results in far superior weight loss than traditional diets or exercise.  The reasons for this appear to be related to the rate in which fat is metabolized with green tea ingestion.  This means that people can really take control of their weight loss, and dictate their progress.  This is a very unique aspect of this diet, one that goes far beyond what most diets offer.  Like the HCG diet, using green tea appears to be a conjunctive therapy for obesity, that causes massive weight loss far beyond traditional methods when used along with a proper diet or exercise program.

It should be noted this study tested decaffeinated green tea, which is important as most people would likely attribute the weight loss and metabolism boost to caffeine (though that would be a far lower level).

What Actually Causes this Weight Loss To Occur?

Spoon of Green Tea Extract
Spoon of Green Tea Extract

There are a group of risk factors known as “metabolic syndrome” which calculates associated risks related to waist size, triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol levels, blood pressure, etc.  These increase your risk of heart disease along with many other major health problems, including diabetes.  Additional research examined the use of green tea to help people realize large benefits in these areas, with promising results as well.  The extract in this study, is far too much for a normal person to take via liquid green tea.  It’s equivalent to around 6 to 10 cups per day.  This is a lot, and not really possible for most people to do solo.  However, extracts were found to result in the exact same outcome, which is a unique consequence and a much simpler method for patients to use.

Tea is naturally rich in a compound called catechins, which are a type of polyphenols (natural antioxidants).  There’s been many studies on humans and other mammals which show the huge impact that polyphenols and catechins can have on weight loss and obesity control.  A recent meta analysis study looked at many different trials using green tea and found on average people lost 1.31 kg per month without any change in diet or exercise.  That’s a surprising result, for just a simple addition to our daily routine.

The most effective way to deal with obesity may be a lifestyle change, but these are incredibly hard to commit to over a long period, as Lambert notes (a noted researcher at the Obesity Center in Montreal).  Exercise and green tea had much greater impact than doing either alone, indicating better outcomes, lower blood glucose levels, and better insulin control.  There’s a combination effect occurring in these studies suggesting that green tea actually improves the body’s ability to use stored energy from fat.

For the average “joe” green-tea drinking or through an extract can have a profound effect on weight loss, and obesity control in humans.  There’s volumes of researcher so far indicating as much.  The question remains if we’re all willing to commit to it, along with moderate exercise, to see these great results.

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Any attempts we make to lose weight are often met with huge resistance from our bodies.  Our metabolism slows down, our appetite increases and it becomes more and more difficult to lose any weight at all over time.  This is a fundamental problem with the human body, and can be a great challenge to overcome.  Most people both need to diet and need to exercise in order to successfully lose weight and keep it off in the longer term.  This is no easy task, and even if a person does commit to this their results often will not match their expectations.

Results from HCG Weight LossIn recent years a lot of investigation has been conducted by researchers trying to pin down just exactly is causing so many people to not lose weight permanently when they try to do so.  For the most part, people who try to lose weight in the longer term fail to do so.  The relapse rate after dieting is over 95% after only 6 months.  What studies have found is that people who try to lose weight actually think about it as a “temporary” hurdle they have to tackle and once they do, it will be over.  The reality is that people need to think of it is a fundamental life change. one that requires long term commitment.  In order to maintain any weight lost you must successfully lose weight quickly as studies have shown, but also maintain your diet indefinitely afterwards.

There is a new treatment which uses the natural HCG hormone to deliver on both of these fronts for dieters.  Physicians have been prescribing this to patients for many years, and for good reason, as studies have shown it to be a highly effective weight loss treatment.  The HCG hormone is naturally produced by women during their monthly cycles, and boosts metabolism and decreases appetite in patients that take it.  It works by directly increasing activity in the brain’s hypothalamus gland.  This works as a highly effective treatment by enabling the user to burn more calories and feel less hungry, boosting their success in weight loss.

HCG is typically administered by injections each day (the difference between HCG drops and injections), but many find this to be a challenge to keep up over longer periods.  This method is also quite expensive, requiring large scale kits for users in order for users to maintain the dosages.  As a result, much research has been devoted to alternative oral treatments like HCG drops placed under the tongue instead.  These are highly effective, but much more reasonably priced.  There are now retailers selling the real hormone in droplet form, such as the makers of HCG Plus at  These are usually administered each day as well, but they are dropped below the user’s tongue which absorbs the hormone directly in that way.  This results in the same great weight loss that is seen with injections, but with easier administration and lower prices.

The use of HCG has been well documented to work in patients seeking weight loss.  It’s impact is primarily felt by those who have historically had problems losing weight and keeping it off over the longer term.  A recent study tested HCG on patients who were trying to lose weight, and then gave a placebo to another group.  What they found was that users taking HCG lost at least 4 times more total fat per month than those just trying to diet on their own.  This indicated that HCG did something remarkable in these patients, with an average HCG user weight loss of over 25 pounds per month of use.  This was staggering, and has led to many physicians now recommending it to patients who are struggling with obesity.  It certainly is an interesting option for those seeking rapid and reliable weight loss.


Natural Aids

Regular tea drinking is a very positive thing for the health of individuals, as many studies have shown in recent years.  This practice literally goes skin deep, helping people improve their metabolism and their body’s overall health.  A recent study conducted at the University of Manchester found that green tea extracts, when taken regularly, actually helps protect the skin of those individuals against UV damage as well.  This is a fairly unexpected byproduct of treatment with this simple ingredient.

Green Tea and Its Health BenefitsIn this particular study as published, a team of researchers tested fourteen healthy subjects to see what happened if they were given a low dosage of green tea “catechins”.  They were also given a combination of Vitamin C as part of this trial.  It was found that those who had green tea extract had a much higher level of metabolites in their skin.  Researchers observed additional benefits that reduced the inflammation of skin markets, such as PGE2 and 12-HETE.  The researchers as part of this study believed these effects were caused by green tea through the production of skin cells that offered protection against long term damage from UV rays.  These catechin metabolites were linked directly to protection against sunburn inflammation and even longer UVR style damage modes.

There are other studies which have found some significant benefits to regular green tea supplementation, such as significant metabolism increases and appetite control due to several things found in green tea called polyphenols.  Green tea in another study was found to provide supplement takers with increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to the cells in their body.  Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants, to they are also thought to improve a person’s risk of cancers.  There’s some support for this in several life long trials, with regular consumption of green tea significantly reducing a person’s risk of cancer development later in life.

Green Tea Weight Loss Benefits – How it Works and Possible Substitutes

Green tea is from the plant family known as Camellia sinensis.  This is a common variety of tea that comes in many colors and varieties, but most of these plants have a high level of polyphenolic content naturally.  An alternative to green tea today is known as black tea, which is a fermented form of green tea.  This actually removes some of the polyphenols during this process, but also adds some good things as well (such as unique metabolism boosting agents).  Green tea contains up to 40 percent of polyphenols that are water soluable, and black tea only up to around 10 percent.  This is one of the reason doctors recommend drinking green tea, or taking supplements of the extract.

There are many other benefits to regular green tea supplementation.  Weight loss benefits for green tea are well established.  In a recent US based study it was found that people who took green tea supplements, at least 250mg per day, lost at least 10 pounds a month of use, even without changing diets.  This is caused by unique compounds in green tea that boost hypothalamus activity boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite.  In addition, green tea is acidic, so your stomach will more quickly process food you eat.

There are other benefits to these polyphenols in our body, such as boosting cardiovascular health, bone health, and even glucose related diseases like diabetes.  Scientists are just now starting to understand how green tea works, but each time they look at different areas it could influence, they quickly discover that there are even more benefits to this food.  There are many compounds found in green tea, like with wine, that help increase heart health and cut the risk of heart disease.  Green tea offers users a lot, from weight loss, to reduced risk of diabetes, to increased colon health.  It’s definitely something to consider adding to your daily routine.

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