Many people have advocated high fat and low carb diets for decades.  The Atkins diet was one of the most popular in the 1990s, with hundreds of millions of people trying it at some point.  It was a highly effective method, but it also was not sustainable for long periods as people found out.  Carbs are just sugars, and as a result, it’s no surprise that your body will turn these things into fat later.  However, you cannot stop eating carbs entirely either.  Healthy moderation is an integral part of any plan if the results are to survive down the road.

Reducing Carbs and KetogenesisDr. Jeff Volek of Ohio State university actually looked at the benefits of this diet in more detail in recent years.  He found that most athletes favor high fat/high protein and low carbohydrates as part of their diet.  The effects are often seen in more modern methods known as the “Paleo diet” or ketogenic diets.  These dramatically reduced fat in patients, increased muscle and promoted significant health benefits.  Drastic reduction in carbohydrates, was found in his research, to induce rapid weight loss through a state dubbed “ketosis”, which causes stored fat to be burned instead of glucose as we typically would so with a carb rich diet.

Celebrities and Atheltes Embracing this Low Carb Paleo and Ketogenic Dieting

In a recent interview, Volek indicated that the ketogenic diet has been followed by many people for decades, even without realizing it.  He indicated that it was nothing short of an “epiphany” in his life, feeling much better, more energetic, and healthier for decades.  By reducing carb intake to a significant degree, and replacing them with healthy and natural fats/oils, you help stabilize your blood sugar, increase your mood through the release of endorphins in your brain and reduce the risk of many illnesses such as diabetes and cancer.  The benefits are really quite significant, and well founded.

Celebrities and athletes like Lebron James have come out to show that they have used this sort of diet to help them cut excess fat and increase energy for practice.  There are many benefits that go beyond the physical and impact your mental health as well.    Reducing carb intake has been shown to increase cognition and even mental clarity in some studies.  Dr. Volek points out that the brain is very good at used ketones but bad at using carbohydrate based sugars.  There’s certainly many reasons to use this diet to increase stamina and boost performance in athletic areas.

Dr. Cate Shanahan is the nutritionist for the LA Lakers.  She’s used the low carb diet for years to help players get rid of fat and stay in shape throughout the season.  She has even helped Dwight Howard clean up his act and switched him over to a reduced carb and fat rich diet to boost his performance.  The paleo inspired diet changed Howard from a 20+ candy bar per day eater to a low-carb weight loss guru.  Along the same vein, Miami heat start Ray Allen had a significantly improved recovery after an injury just by switching to a sugar-free Paleo style diet.  During this time period, he also notably lost 10 pounds of fat just by the change in diet alone.

The health benefits of having a low carb and a high fat diet are immense.  Ketogenesis is a well proven technique to help with weight loss, athletic performance and overall physical health.  Hundreds of thousands of people have struggled to lose weight with diet and exercise alone, but the reasons this occurs is because counting calories just isn’t as sustainable practice.  Rather, going on a natural diet like the Paleo method is a great way to avoid these problems, all the while cutting your risk of obesity, diabetes and even cancer.  Physicians are raving over this method still, and recommending to some of the biggest names in the world.  Even saturated fats, the once vilified food stuffs, are now back on the table as great things to add to your diet.

Weight Loss Secrets

Many commercial plans have a much different focus from a weight loss plan that is actually healthy.  A lot of these “advertisement” heavy methods show their best customers and their most effective results, primarily those which were achieved as quickly as possible.  When you decide to lose weight in a healthy manner, you’re doing so to improve your overall quality of life, not “get quick results”.  The difference between a healthy lifestyle weight loss method and a “fad” is that there are larger goals in mind with a healthy plan.  You are changing your lifestyle at a fundamental level, and you’re picking up a new way of eating and interacting with your food each day.  Rather than going on a temporary change, you’re making a fundamental change or your life that will remain with you.  This is the ultimate goal, not rapid weight loss.

Many people would likely agree with the notion that drinking fresh juice is an enjoyable experience.  However, many people forget that drinking these juices is also a good way to reach your daily serving of vitamins, vegetables, and fruits as recommended.  Juicing, particularly if you keep much of the pulp in the juice, offers the same benefits as eating the fruits and vegetables directly including fiber allowances and other minerals.  In fact, you can mask the flavor of unpleasant foods very easily with juicing.  Many things like kale, radishes, raw beets, etc possess loads of antioxidants and important enzymes that not only help you stay healthy and energetic but cut your risk of cancer and other long term health problems.  It’s difficult to eat raw beets on their own, and cooking them breaks up many of these great natural substances in the vegetable.

Detoxify, Reduce Free Radicals and Lose Weight

Healthy Fruit Juice for Weight LossWhen you drink juice each day, it’s a great way to detoxify your stomach, your cravings and also decrease your appetite.  Your body if it has all of the nutrients it needs will not “crave” food nearly as often as you would typically experience.  The result is a much more stable and easier maintenance of your weight.  In addition, juice diets are now popular and being highly recommended by physicians.  There is good reason for this, as eating fruits and vegetables (as well as drinking them) has been shown in many studies to boost your metabolism.  On average someone on a juice diet (drinking juices for a meal per day) is going to lose roughly 10 pounds every two weeks.  This is a very fast level of weight loss.

When you drink juice each day, it also helps to remove free radicals in your body (what’s responsible for the development of cancers).  Many antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables, ranging from grapes to blackberries to radishes.  There are also many things that detoxify your body from a lot of the poor ingredients found in many processed foods.  Good detoxifiers in studies are things like celergy, lettuce, asparagus, or cabbage.  Carrots as well are a really good detoxifying agent that people love to put into their juicers (as they taste delicious).  Watermelon as well contains beta-carotene a known cancer prevention antioxidant and vitamin C as well.

It’s common sense, or at least most people believe it is so, that you need to cut calories to burn off fat.  However, this is not entirely true.  There are foods which do contain calories but are too difficult for your body to digest and actually burn off more calories than they contain.  They also make you quite full as well, which has the advantage of avoiding large scale hunger or cravings which can disrupt your effort to lose weight.  Negative calorie foods are those things like peaches, grapefruits, strawberries, pineapples, etc.  They are also packed with antioxidant and vitamin as well, which offers even more benefits as we’ve indicated so far.  There is truly a lot of benefits to juicing and drinking such juices regularly, as well as eating these fruits directly.


Weight Loss Secrets