Weight Loss Challenges and How the HCG Diet Helps

Any attempts we make to lose weight are often met with huge resistance from our bodies.  Our metabolism slows down, our appetite increases and it becomes more and more difficult to lose any weight at all over time.  This is a fundamental problem with the human body, and can be a great challenge to overcome.  Most people both need to diet and need to exercise in order to successfully lose weight and keep it off in the longer term.  This is no easy task, and even if a person does commit to this their results often will not match their expectations.

Results from HCG Weight LossIn recent years a lot of investigation has been conducted by researchers trying to pin down just exactly is causing so many people to not lose weight permanently when they try to do so.  For the most part, people who try to lose weight in the longer term fail to do so.  The relapse rate after dieting is over 95% after only 6 months.  What studies have found is that people who try to lose weight actually think about it as a “temporary” hurdle they have to tackle and once they do, it will be over.  The reality is that people need to think of it is a fundamental life change. one that requires long term commitment.  In order to maintain any weight lost you must successfully lose weight quickly as studies have shown, but also maintain your diet indefinitely afterwards.

There is a new treatment which uses the natural HCG hormone to deliver on both of these fronts for dieters.  Physicians have been prescribing this to patients for many years, and for good reason, as studies have shown it to be a highly effective weight loss treatment.  The HCG hormone is naturally produced by women during their monthly cycles, and boosts metabolism and decreases appetite in patients that take it.  It works by directly increasing activity in the brain’s hypothalamus gland.  This works as a highly effective treatment by enabling the user to burn more calories and feel less hungry, boosting their success in weight loss.

HCG is typically administered by injections each day (the difference between HCG drops and injections), but many find this to be a challenge to keep up over longer periods.  This method is also quite expensive, requiring large scale kits for users in order for users to maintain the dosages.  As a result, much research has been devoted to alternative oral treatments like HCG drops placed under the tongue instead.  These are highly effective, but much more reasonably priced.  There are now retailers selling the real hormone in droplet form, such as the makers of HCG Plus at www.hcgplusdrops.com.  These are usually administered each day as well, but they are dropped below the user’s tongue which absorbs the hormone directly in that way.  This results in the same great weight loss that is seen with injections, but with easier administration and lower prices.

The use of HCG has been well documented to work in patients seeking weight loss.  It’s impact is primarily felt by those who have historically had problems losing weight and keeping it off over the longer term.  A recent study tested HCG on patients who were trying to lose weight, and then gave a placebo to another group.  What they found was that users taking HCG lost at least 4 times more total fat per month than those just trying to diet on their own.  This indicated that HCG did something remarkable in these patients, with an average HCG user weight loss of over 25 pounds per month of use.  This was staggering, and has led to many physicians now recommending it to patients who are struggling with obesity.  It certainly is an interesting option for those seeking rapid and reliable weight loss.