If you’re like most people, you’ve struggled to keep up your energy and stay motivated to keep up with your workout routine and your commitments to yourself. How many times have you made excuses for not exercise or falling off the diet wagon? Probably too many to count. Keeping your body healthy and in shape isn’t something just for athletes, it’s something that college students, moms and professionals need to be concerned about as well. Not only do you live longer, you lower your risk of disease, cancer and increase your energy. Studies have continually shown that people who regularly exercise and eat healthy consistently advance in their careers faster than their less healthy peers. This is often attributed to their energetic attitudes, motivation and also their outward appearance of professionalism.

Bulletproof DietWhen your body is working right, you work at a much higher level than when things are going worse. This higher coefficient of energy allows you to get more done, spend time on important things and help to maintain a high level of motivation and mental acuity. This is where a new diet, called the “Bulletproof Body” claims to be helpful. This diet is a 180 degree change from the more traditional “cut calories and carbs” style diets out there. If a normal doctor or dietitian encountered this diet, they’d probably assume the person was going to become obese, considering that it advises eating upwards of 4000 calories per day, particularly since it also advises not exercising much as well.

How This Diet Purports to Deliver Weight Loss

Based upon the high caloric intake, this Bulletproof diet certainly is a lot different than traditional methods of cutting food or increasing exercise. The diet’s founder claims that you will often achieve the lowest levels of HDL cholesterol and triglycerides by following this plan, even though it’s not limiting your fat or carb intake whatsoever (to things that impact these levels). Yet, how exactly does this work?

  • Step One – A Bulletproof Diet. ┬áThe Bulletproof diet recommends eating a lot of calories, at least 3000 calories per day. However, you want to eat foods that are good for your body, low hormones, and natural. Foods should be nutrient dense, such as free range meats, organ meats or other high nutrient proteins. You want to have a lot of foods high in fat, it’s claimed, to help your body to burn fat rather than sugars, which it would do instead. This is essential, as your body will crave carbs and sugars if you cut down on these areas too much over time. You need fats to form most of the complex proteins and hormones your body needs to keep your metabolism running at optimal levels. You also want to avoid anything such as xenoestrogens and mycotoxins, which can cause significant problems to your body over thel ong term.
  • Step Two – Consistent Sleep. Certainly there are many studies out there that show the link between a person’s sleep schedule and their overall health, including weight gain. People who sleep better and for longer periods almost universally stay healthier and have less issues with weight. If you’re aiming to lose 100 pounds or so, you can’t start sleeping 5 hours a night at the same time. You need to have adequate delta (REM) sleep each night. This is one of the purported essential parts of the diet.
  • Step Three – Exercising is Important. Certainly the Bulletproof diet doesn’t suggest no exercise, but it does advise that you limit your exercise to building muscle and helping tone your body, rather than trying to burn calories. This is actually good advice that many researchers are coming around to as well. If you are trying to burn calories through weight loss, the time it takes to do so is just too great to warrant this as part of your daily routine. Even a full hour of cardio will only burn about a single hostess cupcake worth of calories, hardly something that can be lauded. According to the Bulletproof Diet, you want to have brief, intense, infrequent and purposeful exercise to make the most of it. They advise 4 hours per week being spent on this total, which is much less than a lot of diets advise.

The Bulletproof diet is certainly different than many methods out there, in that it describes a diet that’s high in calories and low in exercise. It remains to be seen how effective it actually is for users in practice. Yet, ultimately, it’s hardly a surprise that for most people they will at least want to try this diet for themselves given its lack of restriction. There are likely better diets out there, however, that provide more reliable results.

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