Regular tea drinking is a very positive thing for the health of individuals, as many studies have shown in recent years.  This practice literally goes skin deep, helping people improve their metabolism and their body’s overall health.  A recent study conducted at the University of Manchester found that green tea extracts, when taken regularly, actually helps protect the skin of those individuals against UV damage as well.  This is a fairly unexpected byproduct of treatment with this simple ingredient.

Green Tea and Its Health BenefitsIn this particular study as published, a team of researchers tested fourteen healthy subjects to see what happened if they were given a low dosage of green tea “catechins”.  They were also given a combination of Vitamin C as part of this trial.  It was found that those who had green tea extract had a much higher level of metabolites in their skin.  Researchers observed additional benefits that reduced the inflammation of skin markets, such as PGE2 and 12-HETE.  The researchers as part of this study believed these effects were caused by green tea through the production of skin cells that offered protection against long term damage from UV rays.  These catechin metabolites were linked directly to protection against sunburn inflammation and even longer UVR style damage modes.

There are other studies which have found some significant benefits to regular green tea supplementation, such as significant metabolism increases and appetite control due to several things found in green tea called polyphenols.  Green tea in another study was found to provide supplement takers with increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to the cells in their body.  Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants, to they are also thought to improve a person’s risk of cancers.  There’s some support for this in several life long trials, with regular consumption of green tea significantly reducing a person’s risk of cancer development later in life.

Green Tea Weight Loss Benefits – How it Works and Possible Substitutes

Green tea is from the plant family known as Camellia sinensis.  This is a common variety of tea that comes in many colors and varieties, but most of these plants have a high level of polyphenolic content naturally.  An alternative to green tea today is known as black tea, which is a fermented form of green tea.  This actually removes some of the polyphenols during this process, but also adds some good things as well (such as unique metabolism boosting agents).  Green tea contains up to 40 percent of polyphenols that are water soluable, and black tea only up to around 10 percent.  This is one of the reason doctors recommend drinking green tea, or taking supplements of the extract.

There are many other benefits to regular green tea supplementation.  Weight loss benefits for green tea are well established.  In a recent US based study it was found that people who took green tea supplements, at least 250mg per day, lost at least 10 pounds a month of use, even without changing diets.  This is caused by unique compounds in green tea that boost hypothalamus activity boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite.  In addition, green tea is acidic, so your stomach will more quickly process food you eat.

There are other benefits to these polyphenols in our body, such as boosting cardiovascular health, bone health, and even glucose related diseases like diabetes.  Scientists are just now starting to understand how green tea works, but each time they look at different areas it could influence, they quickly discover that there are even more benefits to this food.  There are many compounds found in green tea, like with wine, that help increase heart health and cut the risk of heart disease.  Green tea offers users a lot, from weight loss, to reduced risk of diabetes, to increased colon health.  It’s definitely something to consider adding to your daily routine.

Natural Aids

Many people try to lose weight either diet or exercise free, however, these methods carry with them many risks (along with a strong likelihood of failure).  The chances of experiencing failure when trying to lose weight using only one method is slim to none.  Most people who try to diet a lot or exercise “like crazy” will ultimately fail to lose much weight, and will quickly return to their original body weight after some time.  There are many claims of offers out there which proclaim that “diet free” weight loss is possible.  Yet, this is just completely ludicrous and can even be damaging for an individual’s motivations.  There are many products that claim to offer big results, even without dieting, but these are often not well documented in clinical studies.  Only methods that have been tried and tested and proven to work should be used by those looking to lose weight.

Supplemental Weight Loss AdvantagesMany weight loss methods claim to offer quick results, sometimes even within a matter of days.  Not all of these methods are bogus, but many of them don’t have any sort of clinical basis for their claims.  Not only are you battling your body’s own natural instincts by trying to lose weight so quickly, but there are a host of additional potential problems.  Your metabolism is highly sensitive to impacts in diet, particularly if you’re not taking a product that stops it from dropping when you cut calories.  Naturally your body will attempt to stop any sort of weight loss if you decrease your caloric intake, and it will also increase your hunger as well.  There’s no good that will come from trying to go through an all or nothing style weight loss plan.

The Weight Loss Supplement Market: What to Consider

There are thousands of treatments that are marketed every year that claim to provide massive weight loss to users, but almost never are they objectively tested in a clinical setting and actually proven to work.  The reason most of these methods “work” is they tell users to cut their calories and exercise more.  If they really were as awesome as they claimed, they would be able to help people lose weight without any real changes to their diet.  There are some treatments that actually can do this, such as Garcinia Cambogia or similar, but these are more the exception to the rule.

There are tablets, capsules, or powders out there that people recommend to help you lose weight.  Few of them work, but there are some key ways you can ensure the product you are taking actually works and delivers results.  Exercising and proper diet are one way to do it, but this carries some risk.  Many people who try to cut their caloric intake damage their metabolism in the process.  However, a lot of these problems can be mitigated with the right supplement addition.

There are a few things in particular which can help people shed pounds quickly and effectively.  The use of the HCG hormone has been shown in numerous studies to help people increase their metabolism and help them to burn off calories rapidly.  On average users lose at least 20 pounds per month during treatment, which is far more than just by dieting alone.  There are other choices out there as well, such as green tea or green coffee extract, both of which has been proven to work as well.  These treatments are much slower than something highly effective like the HCG hormone, but they do work as well.  You want to stay away from most prescription treatments because they can be quite damaging to your body over the long term.  A more natural treatment that has lots of clinical and research support is what’s important to help you improve your results.

All Natural Dieting

Many commercial plans have a much different focus from a weight loss plan that is actually healthy.  A lot of these “advertisement” heavy methods show their best customers and their most effective results, primarily those which were achieved as quickly as possible.  When you decide to lose weight in a healthy manner, you’re doing so to improve your overall quality of life, not “get quick results”.  The difference between a healthy lifestyle weight loss method and a “fad” is that there are larger goals in mind with a healthy plan.  You are changing your lifestyle at a fundamental level, and you’re picking up a new way of eating and interacting with your food each day.  Rather than going on a temporary change, you’re making a fundamental change or your life that will remain with you.  This is the ultimate goal, not rapid weight loss.

Many people would likely agree with the notion that drinking fresh juice is an enjoyable experience.  However, many people forget that drinking these juices is also a good way to reach your daily serving of vitamins, vegetables, and fruits as recommended.  Juicing, particularly if you keep much of the pulp in the juice, offers the same benefits as eating the fruits and vegetables directly including fiber allowances and other minerals.  In fact, you can mask the flavor of unpleasant foods very easily with juicing.  Many things like kale, radishes, raw beets, etc possess loads of antioxidants and important enzymes that not only help you stay healthy and energetic but cut your risk of cancer and other long term health problems.  It’s difficult to eat raw beets on their own, and cooking them breaks up many of these great natural substances in the vegetable.

Detoxify, Reduce Free Radicals and Lose Weight

Healthy Fruit Juice for Weight LossWhen you drink juice each day, it’s a great way to detoxify your stomach, your cravings and also decrease your appetite.  Your body if it has all of the nutrients it needs will not “crave” food nearly as often as you would typically experience.  The result is a much more stable and easier maintenance of your weight.  In addition, juice diets are now popular and being highly recommended by physicians.  There is good reason for this, as eating fruits and vegetables (as well as drinking them) has been shown in many studies to boost your metabolism.  On average someone on a juice diet (drinking juices for a meal per day) is going to lose roughly 10 pounds every two weeks.  This is a very fast level of weight loss.

When you drink juice each day, it also helps to remove free radicals in your body (what’s responsible for the development of cancers).  Many antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables, ranging from grapes to blackberries to radishes.  There are also many things that detoxify your body from a lot of the poor ingredients found in many processed foods.  Good detoxifiers in studies are things like celergy, lettuce, asparagus, or cabbage.  Carrots as well are a really good detoxifying agent that people love to put into their juicers (as they taste delicious).  Watermelon as well contains beta-carotene a known cancer prevention antioxidant and vitamin C as well.

It’s common sense, or at least most people believe it is so, that you need to cut calories to burn off fat.  However, this is not entirely true.  There are foods which do contain calories but are too difficult for your body to digest and actually burn off more calories than they contain.  They also make you quite full as well, which has the advantage of avoiding large scale hunger or cravings which can disrupt your effort to lose weight.  Negative calorie foods are those things like peaches, grapefruits, strawberries, pineapples, etc.  They are also packed with antioxidant and vitamin as well, which offers even more benefits as we’ve indicated so far.  There is truly a lot of benefits to juicing and drinking such juices regularly, as well as eating these fruits directly.


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